Appointed Commissioners

On February 29 2016, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone announced the appointments of Duncan MacPhail as BC Container Trucking Commissioner and Michael Crawford as BC Container Trucking Deputy Commissioner.

BC Container Trucking Commissioner – Duncan MacPhail

Duncan MacPhail has 35 years of experience in labour and employment law in British Columbia.  He is experienced in federal and provincial tribunals, arbitration and labour boards and in British Columbia courts.  He is recognized in Best Lawyers, Labour and Employment and is listed in Who’s’ Who Legal as a leading employment and labour lawyer.

Deputy BC Container Trucking Commissioner – Michael Crawford

Michael Crawford has over 10 years of transportation policy experience in BC and internationally.  Since the last work stoppage at the Port of Vancouver by container truckers in 2014, he has focused on Lower Mainland container trucking issues by assisting in drafting the Container Trucking Act (2014) and in establishing the Office of the Container Trucking commissioner.