Mandate & Overview

Informed by the recommendations contained in a report authored by Vince Ready and Corinn Bell in October 2014, the Province of British Columbia enacted the Container Trucking Act and Container Trucking Regulation  on December 22, 2014 (Reg. Amended March 13. 2015).

The legislation was designated to accomplish:

  • Establishes rate regulation for drayage companies service the Port of Vancouver
  • Ensures compliance through audits and investigations
  • Provides better accountability within and accessibility for the drayage sector

The Act created a BC Container Trucking Commissioner that operates independently from Government and is tasked with:

  • Managing the Container Trucking Services Licence
  • Investigating, auditing and enforcing compliance with the Act
  • Ongoing review of rates, regulations and policy based on consultations with the industry
  • Overseeing the confidential Drayage Complaint Line
The Commissioner is responsible for issuing and setting the requirements for the Container Trucking Services Licence.

Minimum rates and fuel surcharges are established by the Regulation, and the Act requires licensees to pay not less than the minimum rates and fuel charges.  This requirement applies despite any provisions of a collective agreement to the contrary.  Financial set-offs, commissions, rate deductions and rebates are not permitted, and licensees must prepare and keep records for each trucker employed or retained to provide container trucking services.

The Commissioner has a range of orders and penalties that can be issued if it is determined that a licensee has failed to comply with the Act and/or Regulation.  The Office will then issue a determination pursuant to the Act.  Licensees may request reconsideration under the Act.