OBCCTC Decision #06/2017:

The Regulation and in particular Section 13 is to be interpreted and applied as follows:

The application of Section 13 hourly rates is not limited to just the time a company driver spends actually transporting a container by a truck. Rather, “container trucking services” for purposes of Section 13 also includes services directly relating to, or ancillary to, the transportation of a container by a truck, such as:

  • Pre and Post trip inspections
  • The relocation or movement of empty chassis which have been used or will be used to move a container as defined in the Regulation (a “container”) ;
  • Bob Tail” moves to or from marine terminals or container facilities in the lower mainland;
  • The movement of containers by truck within a yard or facility.

Section 13 requires licensees to pay company drivers the regulated rates for all such “container trucking services”.